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When you want to make your home secure against intrusion by burglars, the sensible way to do so is to install a wireless burglar alarm. Wireless burglar alarms are the way forward in home security systems, enabling you to protect your home in a simple but effective way. Every home is filled with treasured items of furniture and keepsakes, as well as kitchen and entertainment appliances. You will want to make sure that all of your possessions are kept safe in your home, so that you can enjoy them for years to come. A1 SAS Home Alarm liverpool will enable you to create a secure environment in your home, protecting all of your possessions inside the house. Whether you are at home or away, the advanced technology of wireless burglar alarms will monitor your property so that you know your home is always secure.

Peace of mind Security

If you want to protect your most valuable asset, your home, wireless burglar alarms can give you and your family the peace of mind that you deserve. You can be safe in the knowledge that your home is in good hands with wireless burglar alarms installed into your property. You will be providing yourself and your family with a safe and secure environment, and will be protecting all of your valued possessions at the same time. The peace of mind that wireless burglar alarms can provide you with is priceless, you can relax in your home or away from it knowing that all of your valuables, including your home, are protected. Wireless burglar alarms are the ultimate in home security, enabling you to protect your home and providing you with the peace of mind and confidence that you should have in any quality alarm system.

Totally Hassle-free installation

When you have any alarm system installed you want the process to run as smoothly and with as little disruption to your daily routine as possible. The advantages of installing wireless burglar alarms into your home will be obvious during the installation process. The lack of wires will make installation simple and relatively quick compared to the time it can take to install a burglar alarm with many wires and cables. There will be no need to remove carpets or lift floorboards, or even for any drilling with the installation of wireless burglar alarms, making the process simple. Wireless burglar alarms can provide you with hassle-free installation, enabling you to carry on with your life as normal, but with the added advantage of a thoroughly protected, secure home.


A1 Home Security Liverpool provide you with a great way to protect your home, not only for their effective monitoring of your property, but for their sheer versatility. The fact that the alarm is wireless will enable you to install and activate your alarm in a very short time. The lack of wires also means that you will be able to deactivate and uninstall your wireless burglar alarms any time you choose. Wireless burglar alarms can be easily packed up and moved with you if you move house, so you will be taking your security system with you to your new home. The versatility of wireless burglar alarms will enable you to enjoy security in your home in a simple and effective way, and you will marvel at its unobtrusive design. Wireless burglar alarms will fit perfectly into your home and your life.

Perfect design

One of the most important elements that make wireless burglar alarms so effective is their perfect design. The systems are designed to be installed so that they are unobtrusive in terms of size, which is helped tremendously by the lack of wires. The professional technology incorporated into the alarms will enable you to protect your home and your family with very little effort. It is so simple to install wireless burglar alarms into your property, as they are designed for maximum effectiveness with the minimum amount of maintenance. The perfect design of wireless burglar alarms will enable you to protect your home and create a secure environment for your family. You will be able to enjoy the peace of mind that you should receive from a home security system, and the knowledge that your possessions are perfectly safe and secure.


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X 2 - Pet Friendly Wireless Movement Detectors

X 1 - Wireless Door Contact

X 1 - Keyfobs

X 1 - Powermax Complete Control Panel

X 1 - Wireless External Sounder with sticker

Full Installation & User Manual, plus we also offer free of charge technical support

We will also supply a sticker to put on the front of your bell box to look like the system has been professionally installed.

The system is pre programmed for ease of installation.

Additional Devices Are Available. Please contact us for more information

Price shown includes delivery & VAT.


All-in-one Professional Grade Wireless Security
PowerMax®Complete is a professional-grade wireless security and personal safety solution especially designed to answer the needs of residential and small office customers, many of whom are disconnecting from the standard PSTN network.

PowerMaxComplete packs the full range of communication, configuration and expansion options into a single, modular and cost-effective wireless panel. The built-in internal PSTN communicator and easy-to-add modules make the PowerMaxComplete perfectly compatible with the varied needs and budgets of a variety of customers.

The ability to add internal GSM/GPRS and/or Broadband IP* communication modules ensures maximum reliability in the delivery of events to the alarm central station by facilitating internal redundancy of GPRS, GSM and SMS. These additional communication modules can also be used as the primary communication or as a backup for PSTN in the event of network failure or line sabotage during a burglary attempt.

PowerMaxComplete's professional architecture ensures fast and simple installation and easy operation. It has an easy-view LCD display and icon-based keypad for intuitive programming, a main unit construction enabling installers to enroll and test peripheral functionality while the bracket is attached to the wall, and much more. This, together with features such as PCB board protection from accidents or sabotage and the option of adding an internal fully-protected power supply, create the ultimate combination of high reliability and ease-of-use.

PowerMaxComplete Features:

Versatile communications capabilities:
Built-in PSTN communicator.
Easy-to-add internal GSM/GPRS and/or IP* communications modules for maximum alarm reporting reliability to the central station and back-up for the standard PSTN lines.
Voice functionality option (at the manufacturing level): two-way voice communication, voice prompts and family message center.
Optional proximity reader enables rapid arming and disarming without the need for a keyfob.
Expander module for adding 1 PGM output, 2 additional hardwired zones, 1 wired siren output, and Speech Box interface.
Choice of external or internal (fully protected) power supply.
Two-way RF system with diversity antenna facilitates highly reliable radio communication.
Supports up to 3 partitions and multiple common areas (Optional).
Easy-view LCD display and icon-based keypad.
Back-up battery – supplies multiple peripherals and also backs up internal
GSM/GPRS/IP modules.
Full compliance with most international standards and regulations, including: FCC, CE and EN50131 grade 2

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